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It's been over a month since the Board decided to change our Monday night game. When those plans were announced it immediately solicited a lot of passion both for and against those changes - primarily against. Therefore, those plans were put on hold to do additional research into what we should do, if anything.

Since that time we have received much feedback. The bulk of that feedback was very consistent - the non life masters want their own game and they do not want the game expanded to more experienced players. Based upon all of the feedback, here are the approved changes by the board, which will go into effect on Labor Day:

  1. Leave the Monday night game on Monday night.
  2. Leave the criteria for participants to people with less than 500 points and for those who have not achieved their life masters.
  3. Lessons will continue prior to the game and they will be better geared with appropriate information for those players eligible to participate on Monday night.
  4. The beginning time will be moved to 6:00 pm for the start of the lesson and to 6:30 for the start of the game. The goal is to conclude the game earlier than it has been completed.
  5. Implementation for these changes will begin the first Monday night in September.
As a follow-up to Learn Bridge in a Day, bridge lessons continue every Saturday morning at 10am-12pm. Check out the Lessons Page and/or contact Bill Adams @ or 423-842-6632 for more information.
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